Karen Interviews...

 Watch, as I interview business professionals and ask questions to help you with your business.

Can Neuroscience Help Your Business?

To enable business growth you have to delve into the mindset of your ideal customer. Here I interview business Neuroscientist Dr Lynda Shaw

What I didn’t Know about LinkedIn

I’m a great fan of LinkedIn, but I have to admit Rachel Tombs really gave me food for thought on how I could use it to really promote my business and find new leads.

Healthy You, Healthy Business

I asked Nina Panesar-Woods why your health is as important as your business.

Blogging is Content King

This interview with Charlotte Haye is packed with some great ideas to help with your blogging blindness and see how it not only helps with engagement, but how you can turn it into other marketing mediums.

Conversion Through Workshops

Rachel talks to me about why planning and running a workshop can help a small business connect with their target audience.

Your Profile Photo is Important

Some people dismiss the fact that adding a profile photo makes any difference to conversions. In this interview with Claire, we discuss how a great photo can capture your personality or having no photo or an unprofessional one can cause people to look elsewhere!

Is Your Business Protected?

As a small business it’s hard to grow quickly, but how would you feel if someone took away your identity.

In this interview with Dale, we discuss the importance of protecting your business and the cost if you don’t!

I Can’t Stress Enough the Importance of Video

Towards the back end of 2014 I was already noticing a major shift in how businesses were communicating with their audience, and it’s a media that I’ve been using for a while now…Video

In this interview with Mark, we discuss how video is the highest conversion media and why you need to start investing in video to increase your online conversions.

3 Seconds to Make and Impression 7 Seconds to Make a Lasting Impression

What you wear can make a huge difference to how you’re perceived subconsciously by potential prospects.

In this interview I get some great tips from personal stylist and image consultant Karen about how clothing can maketh the man (or woman)!

Who’d Have Thought A Magician Could help With Conversions!

Whilst I admit to not being keen on Magicians, I forced myself to interview my good friend Ian as I know he has helped many a small business with their conversions.