Personal 1-2-1 Business Consultation & Coaching Programme

Each business is different. So it’s important that together we sit down and fully go through what your business offers, where you are right now and where you want to be in the next 3 months.

Who This Is For

Business owners who need help

Who have a passion for what they do

Who have an open mind

Who understand that mistakes can only lead to valuable lessons learnt

That recognise lessons learnt encourage success

Who will complete tasks set

Who are willing to be coached

Who This Is NOT For

Large businesses

Already successful businesses

If you are not coachable

If your mindset is not positive

If you you are not willing to learn

If you are not ready for success

If you’re not prepared to be accountable

What Your Consultation Involves

Initial Free 30 min chat

It’s important that we have an initial chat which allows me to understand the current situation with your business. This will determine if you will need my full coaching program or a short consultation which would be charged per the hour.


Your Business Growth Coaching Program

A Typical Coaching and Consultation Format but

Week 1

A 2 hour indepth consultation to delve deeper into your business where we look at:

  • Your products/services
  • Your Customers
  • Your Pricing
  • Your Marketing

You will leave with actions and tasks to complete and a recording of our meeting sent to.

Week 2

Skype session to: –

  • Review of the tasks set from last week
  • A 1-2-1 Review of your website where I will provide areas of recommendation to improve your website conversion rate
  • A review of your marketing material looking at why prospects are not responding

Week 3

Skype session to: –

  • Review the tasks set from previous weeks
  • Create an Action Plan and Growth Strategy

Week 4

Skype session to: –

  • Review the tasks set from previous weeks
  • Look at the Fail Small and Fast approach – Measuring the results to limit risk

Fortnightly Skype calls or as needed after this time

Price: From £2500